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My Miracle Massage

Miracle Massage

Massage Grand Junction To TellurideI had a massage today and realized all over again how great it is to get one.  There are several reasons a massage is great.  It helps you to relax in a way that you can’t really do by yourself, for one.  Today I had a miracle massage.

Before getting on the table I had a chance to look around the room.  A small room in the house of the massage therapist.  The room was very cozy and warm feeling.  There were some essential oils and some artsy things.

I was pretty sure I was in for a treat, as my cousin had told me about Jody, the massage therapist, but I didn’t really understand how much of a treat I was in for.

She asked what I wanted her to know, before beginning the massage.  I let her know, in a basic way, how I wanted to be worked on, and then said I trusted it was best for her to do the style she feels the best doing.  I got on the table and it wasn’t long before I knew she was real good.

The Massage Zone

Sometimes I’ll go into a kind of zone when I’m getting a massage; A place somewhere between this world and another.  It’s almost like a dream, but different from the kind of dream I have when I’m sleeping at night.  It’s really like another place; The Massage Zone.

I know I’m experiencing a massage and enjoying it, but I go in and out of being conscious of the fact that I’m on a table getting a massage.

Being in this state of not being aware of the fact that you’re there, and feeling really good at the same time, relieves stress in an extreme sort of way.  It’s like having a dream about heaven, and all your cares are suspended.

I personally put a lot of effort into the massages I give and I’ve said a lot of times, I wish I could find someone to give me a massage like I give.  Well…I found it.  It wasn’t a massage like mine exactly though.  It was better.

I kept thinking something along the lines of this woman is a miracle worker; an angel.

I’ve been doing massage for ten years and it’s become a kind of an art form to give one.  I think Jody has mastered the art.  Thanks Jody and thanks God.

If you’d like to get a massage give me a call at the number below.

I’ll do my best to give you a miracle massage.


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